Adam Anthony Pfeifer, NCARB

Lenexa, Kansas 66215

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+west plaza wedge

Location: Westwood Park, KS
Client: Witheld
Cost: Witheld

The West Plaza area of Kansas City, Missouri, is no stranger to weird and unique homes. Currently seeing a major redevelopment push, this home is no exception. The existing house, originally built during the 50s and rebuilt in the early 2000s following a fire, sits on a high-visibility, residential, triangular lot. Influenced by its lot and setbacks, the existing layout of this wedge-shaped house was choppy and uninspired.

The new owner wanted to update the property, add a garage, and add a roof terrace. A whole new approach to the home, coupled with updated technology, allowed for more space, better function, and increased efficiency.

Using metal, wood, stucco, and a dramatic terrace roof, the renovated home takes on a distinctly modern appearance with Brush Creek and Ward Parkway views.