Adam Anthony Pfeifer, NCARB

Lenexa, Kansas 66215

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+crossroads reuse

Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Client: Glacier Properties
Cost: Withheld

Near the northeast corner of the Croassroads District of downtown Kansas City a small, 2-story warehouse exists. The warehouse is nearly 140 years old and was originally the shop for a long-standing local glass company. A very simple brick building, with minimal windows being in the middle of the block, the structure is rather unassuming at first glance. These are the best buildings to work with.

The Royal building was recently acquired by Glacier Properties of Portland, Oregon looking to make their entry into the Kansas City market. We worked with Glacier to create a simple, cost-effective plan for the renovation of this building. The plan includes two retail spots on the first floor with six market-rate apartment units on the second floor. An existing overhead door on the street presents a perfect opportunity to create a tenant lobby for the residential units with an open, steel stringer supported staircase to the second floor.

With the building being in mid-block, and the south wall being on a lot line, there is always a possibility that a future building may be built that could block the minimal side-windows. This created the approach to create "shotgun" style units that orient north-south with a common corridor on the south side. To admit additional natural light into the apartments we went vertical, incorporating a 3'x8' skylight into each unit that was starved of windows over the kitchen island. Apartments will feature exposed, sandblasted brick walls, and exposed wooden roof structure. A single 3 bedroom unit caps the west end of the upstairs with anticipation to function as a dedicated AirBNB unit.

The Royal is currently under construction with an anticipated completion in late 2020. Stay tuned for construction and finish photos.

This work was completed while at NSPJ Architects.