Adam Anthony Pfeifer, NCARB

Lenexa, Kansas 66215

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Location: Henderson, Nevada
Client: N/A
Cost: N/A

"Only on the fringes of the City of Sin, nestled atop a perch of land, can one live like a celebrity.

This 1-acre site sits high above the Las Vegas Valley offering breathtaking panoramic views of one of the most iconic skylines in the world - The Las Vegas Strip.

A house completely designed for entertaining in the entertainment capital of the world - this is Z-House."

The Z-House was an exploration in daring, yet sustainable, residential design focused on celebrity style entertainment living in the foothills surrounding the City of Sin. Located on a moderately sloping one-acre site at the base of the mountains, deeply planted in Henderson, Nevada, an earthen building pad already exists from a previous developer - now defunct. In an effort to work with existing conditions, the pad is left relatively intact, but partially reshuffled to create the underground parking garage.

The house is set atop the plinth that houses storage and parking. Massive rammed earth walls are cantilevered off the end of the plinth for dramatic effect, yet are used for their thermal mass qualities. These walls are coupled with super insulated roof and floor assemblies creating the two primary bars, one public, one private, of the house that focus the resident views towards the notorious Las Vegas Strip to the Northwest.